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Prague with locals

for group up to 4 people

half day (4 hours)         120 euros

one day (8 hours)         200 euros

for group more  4 people 

half day           30 euros per person

one day           50 euros per person

-I will show you to the classic significant sites of Prague, as well as to some hidden places which are only known by the locals. 

-We will go up on one of the towers and get a bird’s eye view of the city

-We will visit 2 or 3 view points with amazing panoramas of the city

-We will walk through the narrow streets

-We can feed peacocks or golden fish in the gardens

-We will try traditional Czech cuisine and beer 

-I will show you the smallest house, the thinest hotel and the narrowest  street

-I will tell you about Prague and life in the Czech Republic

I am not a professional guide. I will not tell you many stories with historical dates, but I will tell you some interesting stories about my city which I love, and I will give you advice for your stay in the Czech Republic

Photo walk in Prague

for group up 2 people   

half day (4 hours)         150 euros

one day (8 hours)         250 euros

for group more 2 people

half day            60 euros per person

one day            90 euros per person

-We will explore the city together as photographers. Beginners very welcome 

-I will tell you about the basics of photography (composition, light etc)

-I will take you to my favourite places where we can take fabulous photos of Prague

-I will help you to take photos and answer any questions you may have

-We will have a break for lunch or coffee, and talk more about photography

-I will give you advice about the photos you have taken, and how to improve them

-If you don't have a camera, it doesn’t matter, I will show you how to take good photos on your phone

-I will tell teach you how to edit photos on your phone. It takes just a few minutes and the results are fantastic 

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