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Mumlava waterfall is located in the Krokonosze mountains. Only 130 km from Prague, and you will see a completely different Czech Republic. Mountain slopes overgrown with tall pines; cows grazing in the meadows; striped wooden houses that can only be found in the mountainous part of the Czech Republic and fresh mountain air - that's what awaits us on this trip.

What we will see: Walking along the forest path to the waterfall will take about half an hour. The waterfall is low (8 m), but very beautiful. In the river bed there are large flat stones, along which you can get close to the waterfall. Photo session on request. We will finish the walk in the town of Harrachov with a glass of beer in one of the local restaurants. The appetite in the mountains is always good!

On the way back, I recommend stopping by the Forest of the Kingdom reservoir, looking at the most beautiful dam in Europe.

Duration :

waterfall 6-7 hours

waterfall and Kingdom Forest 8-9 hours

Travel start time : convenient for you

Number of people: 1-4  

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